Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Colorado Bound!

Tomorrow (very, very early) I'm headed to Colorado for a little girls trip with my mom, aunt, and 2 cousins.  My cousin, Missy, is living in Vail for the ski season so we decided it was a great excuse to plan a trip to Colorado!  My other cousin, Amanda, lives in Thornton, CO so it made perfect sense for her to take the week off and join in the fun as well!  I am SO excited to spend time with these amazing ladies.  We are looking forward to lots of laughs, taking in the beautiful scenery, indulging in plenty of good food and wine, relaxing, and just being together.  Here are a few pictures that Missy sent me as a teaser.  Cannot wait to get out there and experience the beauty for myself!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Auntie Gift

My sis and I wanted to give our niece a personal and sentimental gift as part of her 1st birthday gift.  A friend of ours found a Spanish Proverb online that was absolutely perfect for a fun DIY project!  And super simple (and inexpensive) to execute so it was a win/win in our book! 

All we needed was a large canvas from Michael's (it actually came in a 2 pack which was quite helpful because I messed up the first time!) and a pack of paint pens.  Doesn't get easier than that!

Here's how it turned out:

{a close up of her precious baby announcements.. she was such a gorgeous newborn!}

We were really pleased with how it turned out and loved being able to give Charlie something special and personalized from her aunties! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mumford and Sons

Music is therapy for me.  I listen to the lyrics, belt them out, and find ways the songs relate to my life.  Music lifts me up, clears my mind; it gives me hope, gives me peace, gives me comfort and has helped me through some really tough times. 

I fell in love with Mumford and Sons with the release of their album, "Sign No More" and that love has grown exponentially with their newest album, "Babel"  You know those albums that you just connect with and they resonate in your mind long after you've stopped listening?  The ones that stay on repeat in your car?  Yeah, "Babel" has become one of those albums for me.

"Babel" is an album that is intertwines heartbreak, despair, redemption, faith, love, and hope all into one.  It is honest and soulful and it simply puts you at ease.

Babel (Deluxe Edition)

Seriously, take my word for it and just get it.  You won't regret it!  Promise.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do or Don't: Dining Alone...

Ali and I were talking the other day about dining alone... would you or wouldn't you?  She has, I hadn't.  She said she actually enjoys it from time to time.  Me, I've always worried I would feel awkward or bored dining out alone so never have.  Until last week, that is! 

My sweet friend Jen and I had made plans to meet for sushi on our lunch break.  I got there first, ordered some green tea and waited for her.  15 minutes passed so I decided to call her to make sure she was ok. No answer.  Me being the worrier, I started to get a little concerned.  Then about 2 minutes later she called back and said "OH MY GOSH, I completely forgot!".  She got called into an unexpected evaluation at work (which went well!) and our lunch date completely slipped her mind!  She felt horrible and must have apologized a thousand times. 

But honestly, it actually ended up being nice and strangely liberating.  The peacefulness and solitude for an hour was really quite lovely!  So Jen, I suppose I should thank you for standing me up!  I was forced out of my comfort zone and ended up being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

{my delicious sushi lunch for one}

I'm curious... would you or wouldn't you dine alone?  Or have you?  Do tell!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Oil of Olay Pro X facial scrubber!

I blogged about wanting to try the Oil of Olay facial scrubber here and I am happy to report that I bought it, tried it, and I love it! 

Truth be known, I would have loved to buy the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System but seeing a price tag of $199 compared to $30, kind of made the decision for me.  I read several reviews that Oil of Olay rivaled it quite nicely so I was certainly excited to try it for myself.

I use it in the shower every morning and my face feels super refreshed, incredibly soft and hydrated after using it.  It creates the perfect pallete to apply make-up to.  It also cleans dirt and reside off of your face 6 times better than using facial soap alone.  That sold me right there and seeing these awesome effects has made me a true believer. 
 product image

I would highly recommend giving this cleansing system a try.  I don't regret it and I don't think you will either! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Jackson Branch Liakos!!!

Jackson Branch Liakos arrived on February 6, 2013 at 11:00 A.M....  7 pounds, 10 ounces, 19 3/4 inches long and complete perfection!  We have prayed and wished and waited for this sweet baby for oh so long!  Our hearts are just bursting with love for this new addition to our family!  My sis and brother in law waited to find out what they were having so it was even more exciting to hear "It's a BOY!" when he was born!  He is the sweetest, cutest little boy on the face of the earth.  I am one proud and beaming aunt!  I plan on loving on this precious baby boy any chance I get, so get used to having me around Becky and JB!

{proudest daddy ever}

{let's be real here.. does she really look like she just had a baby??  absolutely beautiful new mama!}

{such a handsome face}

{just chillin'}

{look at those kissable cheeks}

{so smitten}

{he has totally stolen this heart of mine}

Between sweet baby Jackson and my precious niece, Charlie.. I'm a complete goner!  Oh how I love being an aunt!!!