Friday, February 22, 2013

Mumford and Sons

Music is therapy for me.  I listen to the lyrics, belt them out, and find ways the songs relate to my life.  Music lifts me up, clears my mind; it gives me hope, gives me peace, gives me comfort and has helped me through some really tough times. 

I fell in love with Mumford and Sons with the release of their album, "Sign No More" and that love has grown exponentially with their newest album, "Babel"  You know those albums that you just connect with and they resonate in your mind long after you've stopped listening?  The ones that stay on repeat in your car?  Yeah, "Babel" has become one of those albums for me.

"Babel" is an album that is intertwines heartbreak, despair, redemption, faith, love, and hope all into one.  It is honest and soulful and it simply puts you at ease.

Babel (Deluxe Edition)

Seriously, take my word for it and just get it.  You won't regret it!  Promise.


Kristen said...

I need to pick up with CD. I have their previous one and it's pretty great. Do you have The Lumineers yet? OMG obsessed.

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Ah pretty British boys, what's not to like? ; ) And their site is so well designed! Oh and I like the Lumineers. Check out my post Monday on "Diamond Rings" oh my gosh he would have been the type of boy crush I would have had in high school. I was a rebel and all about androgyny.

Ali of

Meg {henninglove} said...

i have heard a few of their songs and all of them are awesome, i need to check out the rest of their music

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

I'll have to check it out!

vogueandheels said...

They are awesome! I like their songs.


Alexa said...

I love Mumford & Sons! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love this cd. One of my favorites right now!


Elle Sees said...

it's on my list to check out!